Dankzij de Dijken

Dankzij de Dijken

Published 1995, 14 tracks, total running time 74:56, COL 478605-2

Track list

Track Title Runtime
1. Quo Vadis 3:30
2. Vieze Ouwe Man 4:35
3. Een Fantast 7:09
4. Sarawak 5:07
5. Het Wijnglas 5:13
6. Beter Zo 5:53
7. De Zandloper 7:25
8. Kijk dat is Kees 5:32
9. God Wat Ben Ik Blij 8:17
10. Doodsangst 4:39
11. Vaders Stem 5:52
12. Freek Do Me Een Lol 2:18
13. Dankzij De Dijken 3:36
14. Denken 5:32


Newspaper and other articles

Early in 1995, the Nits got together with Dutch stand-up comedian Freek de Jonge and formed a project called FRITS. The live show and CD consist of Freek doing his usual show, musically acompanied by the Nits. He did one Nits song, In the Dutch Mountains translated to Dankzij de Dijken (Thanks to the Dykes). They did some live performances in Amsterdam and Belgium, one was broadcast on Dutch television, another one is available on video.

The CD is entirely in Dutch, it has not been published outside of Benelux countries. There are translations for some songs on the language page.