Concert Pictures

dA dA dA

Nits on Stage

A picture taken during the 1994 dAdAdA-tour in Cologne. The band is obviously performing the title song of their new CD.

Concert End

Yet another picture from the November 1994 Nits concert in Cologne, E-Werk.

Stage of dAdAdA tour

The stage used on the dAdAdA tour. Coloured lights were used to light the white disks in the background, and also slides were projected on them. Photo by Tom Telman.


Nest Ticket

Entrance ticket from a concert during the Nest tour, with big smiling Rob Kloet.

Henk with guitar

Henk playing guitar on stage during the 1995 Nest concert in Heerlen.

Nest tour poster

A tour poster announcing the 1996 concert in Gent.


Alankomaat Stage

The Alankomaat stage with the two big video projections. The current song is Hold Me Geneva.

Concert End

Photo by ArjoFrank, taken in Amsterdam, September 1998.

The following photos from the 1998 Cologne concert were taken by Ioana Rölleke and Stefan Preis and appear with permission.

Members of Nitslist

Small meeting of Nitslist readers just before the show. From right: Kirsten, Oliver, Stefan and Jochen.


Arwen with standing bass

Arwen with electric bass



Rob at his small drumset

Henk and Laetitia

Henk and Laetitia during Nescio. The Amsterdam-Rhine-Canal is barely visible on the screen behind them.

Henk and Rob

Henk and the Bulbul

Henk presents and explains the Bulbul, an exotic instrument from India. It attracts cows, but fortunately only those on the screen.

Henk plays the Bulbul

Henk plays the Bulbul II

Home before Dark

Photographed without a flash this shows a somewhat blurry Henk, but also the video projection and the lighting of the stage.

J.O.S. Days

Henk plays the harmonica while Rob and Arwen are watching a French soccer player during a worldcup match.


Robinson with the plastic fish swimming around on the screens.



The following pictures were taken during the 2000 Eindhoven concert, the first Nits gig in the Netherlands. The video projectors are still in use, but not as extensively as during Alankomaat.


Promotional poster in front of the Effenaar.

Henk with guitar



Rob, Henk and Arwen

Henk and Titia

Henk with hooter

Some more pics, this time from the Nijmegen concert. The club was smaller and Rob could be seen much better now.

Full stage


Titia, Henk and Rob

Two pictures of the Köln concert. This club was even smaller than Nijmegen.

Rob and Arwen

Full stage

The final concert of 2000 took place in the Nijmegen theatre. The videoscreens have new positions (and new videos, of course), Leona is permanently on stage and the stage features a grand piano, used by Henk and Titia.

Theatre tour stage

In July 2000, the Nits recorded a TV special in Haarlem. Most guest musicians appearing on Wool were present, including Leona, the ZAPP! String Quartet, The Stylus Horns and Peter Meuris on percussions/vibraphone/marimba. The whole Wool CD was played twice that evening.

Stage overview

String quartet behind Henk

Peter and Rob

Peter Meuris

Smiling Henk

Henk, smiling broadly at the 2001 concert in Freiburg (photo by Friedemann Heusel)

5 Nits

Five happy Nits members after successful show in Freiburg (photo by Friedemann Heusel)

Wild Hair

In April 2002 there was a special meeting in the Paradiso in Amsterdam with pop musicians born between 1945 and 1955 called the babyboomers. They did a discussion about that time and what has become of them nowadays.


In the panel were The Lau of the Scene; Hans Waterman, who was in Solution and is now a writer of poparticles; Jerney Kaagman, she as the golden voice of Earth and Fire and nowadays director of Conamus; the well known Henk Hofstede; Jaap van Beusekom, who was a famous musician with Cuby and the Blizzards and nowadays director of the Dutch Popinstituut; Professor Boomkes and the discussionleader Geert. J. Peelen. (from left, photo by Christiaan Krouwels)


Henk with glasses. (photo by Christiaan Krouwels)

Henk with Japp

Henk was doing a nice set on piano with Jaap van Beusekom on steelgitar. (photo by Christiaan Krouwels)

1974 Tour

2003 Stage

A photo of the new stage design. Tom really did a great job this time with the little lamps and new video projections on the tiles (unfortunately not shown).

Henk, Rob & Titia

Nits performing live in the Prime Club, Köln.


Robert-Jan playing keyboard and singing.

Backstage Pics

The following pictures were taken backstage, after the 1995 Nest concert and the 1998 Alankomaat concerts in Heerlen and Winterswijk.

Paul Telman and Martin Bakker

Peter Meuris

Rob Kloet

Henk Hofstede

Nits & me

From left to right: Aad Link, Peter Meuris, Martin Bakker, Paul Telman, Jochen Stein, Robert-Jan Stips, Henk Hofstede and Rob Kloet.

Nits 1998

New Nits lineup posing in front of a ballet poster in the Stadsschouwburg's backstage area. From left: Rob, Henk, Arwen and Laetitia.

Nits with Fans

Back row from left: Paul Telman (standing in door), Jochen, Lutz (with Dutch flag), Laetitia, Arwen. Front row: Rob, Tina, Henk. Not visible are Alex (right of Henk) and Peter (aka the T-Shirt guy, taking the photo).

Nits Webmasters

Summit meeting of Nits webmasters, from left: Dennis Versteeg (Nits Concert File), Tom Telman (Official Site), Jochen Stein (Nearly Official Site).

Nitslist meeting

Not exactly backstage, there was a meeting of Nitslisters just before the recording of the 2000 TV special in Haarlem. Back row from left: Henrico Pit, Frank Cremer, Marten Holst, Jochen Stein, Clemens van Driel, Ferdi Oude Nijeweme, Marjolein de Jong,Jelle van Amersfoort, friend of Kristina. Front row from left: Dennis Versteeg, Wilco Barg, Jolanda van Huizen, Brian Williams, Kristina Engel.

Nitslist meeting

Yet another meeting of Nitslisters, this time after the last concert of 2000 in Nijmegen. Back row, from left: Jochen, Ferdi, Henrico, Jelle, Dennis, Marjolein, Sandra. Front: Jolanda, Clemens, Kristina.

Nits with Nitslisters

Basically the same as above, with the added presence of Henk, Rob, Leona, Arwen and Titia (and some guy on the far left).

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