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International Nits Convention 2000

On November 19 2000, Clemens van Driel and other Nitsfans organized Greatest Nits INC, the International Nits Convention in Utrecht. All Nits members and many former Nits members were present, there was a quiz and a lottery, where unique Nits items could be won. Highlight of the day was the performance of LICE, a Nits tribute band, whose members consisted of Nits mailing list subscribers. They were joined by Nits musicians, and even the founding line-up of the Nits played some songs.

Nits meeting

Dennis' Nits meeting sign, used for the third time.


Clemens, Jolanda and Wilco drawing prizes of the Nits lottery.


Nits tribute band LICE, from left: Anna, Dennis, Francois, Robert, Jelle.

Lice with Michiel

LICE, joined on stage by Michiel Peters. From left: Franck, Michiel, Symeon, in the background Maarten and Jelle.

Lice with Henk

LICE, joined by Henk Hofstede for In the Dutch Mountains. From left: Tenno, Dennis, Henk, Jelle and Maarten.

Henk, Pieter, Joke, Michiel

Nits reunion, Henk Hofstede, Pieter Meuris, Joke Geraets and Michiel Peters.

Henk and Martin

Henk and Martin Bakker doing Chameleon Girl.

Greatest Nits 2005

After the very successful first Nits Convention back in 2000, Anna Adrichem, Clemens van Driel and other fans got a second one organised as well. This featured the return of LICE, surprise performances by other Nits fans, a still quite difficult Tom Telman quiz, lottery and Nits performances in various lineups. Almost all past and present Nits members joined and played music.

Meeting Sign

Yes, that is the old trusty Nits meeting sign Dennis made way back in 1998, but it is still doing strong.

Lice Soundcheck 1

Lice doing the soundcheck, from left Tenno and Anna behind Dennis, Franck kneeling, Jelle.

Lice Soundcheck 2

More Lice members, this time Robert on drums, Ria, Maarten and Symeon on guitar.

Announcing Anna

Anna did not only organize the event, but also guided through it and announced all performances and events.

Perfoming Adrian

Adrian, who already performed 5 years ago, was back on stage with Crane Driver and brought some cans with him that said So So

Frank and Tenno

Frank and Tenno showed their guitar and singing skill on two songs from the Ting album.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture, but there was also a performance of Cars & Cars on a Chapman Stick, a strange string instrument I have not seen or heard before.

Martijn and Robert Jan

Martijn did The Bauhaus Chair and asked Robert Jan to accompany him on keyboard, which he did.

Jelle and Leona

Jelle also requested some help from Nits members, first from Leona ...

Jelle and Henk

... and then from Henk.

Tom Telman Quiz

Tom Telman was back as quizmaster with more questions. Do you remember all the lyrics to all Nits songs, even the funky stuff?

Lice Set 1

LICE ready to play, Jelle on keyboard, Dennis, Anna, Tenno with accordeon, Franck

Lice Set 2

LICE in full swing, Jelle, Maarten, Ria, Franck, Symeon

Henk in the audience

Henk really enjoyed the Lice performance. He and Rob seemed to have much fun listening to some well known and not so well known Nits songs.

All Lice members

After a successful show, all Lice members line up to receive the applause. From left, Lice are Franck, Anna, Tenno, Dennis, Jelle, Ria, Maarten, Symeon and Robert.

Nits Set 1

After Lice, the Nits themselves came on stage, with Titia, Leona, Robert Jan, Henk and Rob.


Arwen was also back on stage, playing standing bass again.

Henks Mother

Probably the oldest person in the audience, Henk's mother was also present, but looking rather sceptical.

Henk and Leona

Since Leona was there, 26A was played of course.

Martin and Michiel

Martin Bakker and Michiel Peters were also on stage.

Kevin Hearn

Henk announced Kevin Hearn from the Barenaked Ladies, a big Nits fan from Canada. Kevin arranged a Nits concert in Canada and had the Barenaked Ladies opening for the Nits. Kevin joined on Cabins playing the accordeon and singing.

Henk and Clemens

After the music, it was time to thank the main organizers, Clemens ...

Anna and Clemens

... and Anna, who put much effort into making Greatest Nits 2005 a special day for all Nits and Nitsfans.

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