CD Pictures

Since the Ting album, the Nits abandoned the boring silver of the compact disc and replaced it with colorful pictures. If the size is not noted seperately, all images are below 50K.

Dankzij de Dijken Single

Quo Vadis

A clip from a dictionary. Quo Vadis is Latin, meaning Where are you going?. The clip explains that Petrus on his way out of Rome met a stranger and asked him Quo Vadis, Domine?. The stranger replied I am going to Rome to be crucified again.. Petrus recognized the stranger as Jesus, went back to Rome and became a martyr.

Alankomaat CD

Picture printed on the Alankomaat CD.

Three Sisters CD

Picture printed on the Three Sisters CD. Do not confuse with the Alankomaat CD.


Sister Rosa (73K)

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