Booklet Pictures

These pictures are scanned from CD booklets. Image size is less than 50K, except where noted otherwise.

The Nits album inlay (76K)

Full size picture inlay of the first album.

New Flat Backside

All members of the band, sitting in their new flat and watching TV.

Omsk Backside

Well, that's what the guys looked like back in 1983. If you don't reckognize them at once, they are (clockwise from upper left) Michiel, Rob, Henk and Robert-Jan.

Infant King Backside

Urk Backside

Stage setup with 32 movable plates in the background. The plates are usually white on one side, black on the other and were changed between and during songs. Colourful plates were used as well.

Ypk Backside

Fountain Land

This one is brilliant. It is actually a map of the Netherlands with some modifications. For example there is Telephone Lake, you can see the Fountain Man and the Night Owl.

Giant Normal Dwarf scale

Are you a giant, a dwarf or a normal person? Find out by looking at these samples.

Torni Inside

Ting Backside

Just what the front looks like, only the letter S replaced with G.

Nitswish back (73K)

A small penguin on the back of the Nitswish single.

Nits pull rope

This is a picture of the booklet in the dAdAdA CD. It appears on the cover of the US dAdAdA CD and features Renetta, Henk's daughter.

Campfire (67K)

This is another picture of the booklet in the dAdAdA CD.

Freek de Jonge

Freek de Jonge, Dutch stand-up comedian and one part of FRITS.


FReek de Jonge en de nITS, after one of their succesful performances.

Quo Vadis Backside

If you look closely, it's Freek upside down in front of Rob.

Nest Digipack Contents (70K)

Contents of the Nest special edition, complete with magnifying glass.

Alankomaat Inner Sleeve

The center picture of the Alankomaat booklet, featuring children with masks, animals and the familiar house.

Robinson Backside

The guys in the boat are (from left) Tom and Paul Telman.

Wool Backside

1974 DVD and CD

1974 empty cover

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