My first thanks go out to Bert Wylin, who runs the associated Nits mailing list and keeps me and other fans informed. Second comes Pascal Mouret, who was the first viewer of these pages, provided most of the song lyrics and corrected lots of speling errors.

All subscribers of the Nits mailing list deserve a Thank you as well, for putting up with my slow update speed and delivering the most interesting and recent information, especially Steven Schnee, Michael Jaeschke, Joachim Weisbrod, Ton de Vries, Teemu Korpipaa, Joost Wylin, Brian Williams, Frank Veldkamp, Danny Aerts, Derek Martin, Arjan Moraal, Mark J. Moerman, Carl van Breukelen, Tobias Luther, Michiel Le Blanc, Suonna Kononen, Pierre Bourbonnais, Dennis Versteeg, Symeon Charalabides, Clemens van Driel, Coos de Graaf, Richard de Boer and Paul Telman.

Special thanks go to Micha Büttgen for quick and excellent image scanning and Susanne & Oliver at [Voting Chart] [Author] [Misc] [Main Index].

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