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Jochen A. Stein Hello, I am Jochen A. Stein, and I originated this service. I was born 1971, currently working with a mobile phone company in Germany. I have studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Düsseldorf, with major interests in number theory and computer vision.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there Nits concerts in my region?

If there are any concerts and their dates are already known, they are listed on these pages, most probably in the Latest Nits News. Thats all I know about Nits tour dates. Really.

Why are the colors so ugly?

You are always invited to suggest better color schemes. If the images do not look good to you, turn them off or check that your video mode can display more than 256 colors.

How did I become a Nits fan?

I saw the video of In the Dutch Mountains on the now cancelled German chart show Formel 1. I was listening to a different style of music then, but I remembered the title, and early in 1990 I saw a tape of the Dutch Mountains album in our local library. The cover was nice, I knew they were from Holland, I knew the video and so I took it home and listened to it.

I instantly liked lots of the tunes on that album, especially songs like Mountain Jan, Panorama Man and In a Play. The latter was an English song by a Dutch group with a German phrase in it, very unusual, but good. In May 1990 I went on a day trip to Holland and took home the Urk double live CD. In the next two weeks I played nothing else but Urk.

Later I bought Bahnhof and Omsk, and then worked my way through the list of available Nits CDs. Next I got GND and Tent, the latter being very different from Urk, but still good. Things became difficult then, because I was told the other earlier albums were not available in Germany. Finally I got them all, hunting in Swiss record stores.

Today I have all albums on CD, several live performances on video and audio tape, visited several concerts and actually met the band. Now I try to keep up with the latest releases, hunt for CD singles and enhance the Nits Pages on the WWW.

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