The following page was written by Walter Schäppi and appears here as a courtesy to other Nits fans. Questions and remarks should be directed to him rather than to me. His address is at the end of this page.

Walter sent me one copy of his discography, and it is very extensive, listing (almost) every stage appearance and recording ever made.

Jochen A. Stein, jst at nitsfans dot org
Last modified: 02-12-2003

Overview of all LPs, Singles, Maxis, CDs, Videos, Sessions, TV and Radio Performances, Boots and Tapes:

Believe that and you'll believe everything. In order to follow the movements of a band from Amsterdam, it would be ideal to be from Holland: I could then understand all the articles and interviews and could incorporate everything from TV and radio. We'll see how well a Swiss can compensate for this deficiency. I do not have a video recorder, but I can play the tapes ... somewhere (and even recording ...). This allows a razor-sharp derivation of where the weakness of the discography lies: I can be happy with my record and tape collection, but colour it dismal from the view of the video tapes.

Now the main theme: My discography. Each recording session (studio/live performance/TV/Radio), each sound medium (LP, tape, ...) has a numerical entry. They are sequenced in absolute chronological order.

026  1981: Fantasy Factory, Bussum, Prod.: The Nits
         1 Tables And Chairs (P)
     Song released on single, CBS 9529 (10.4.81)
     Notes: Longer demo version. Could also be a home recording
The disco consists of three parts:
A Band 1974-1981: 8 pages with 37 entries
1981-1985: 9 pages with 44 entries
1986-1987: 4 pages with 18 entries
1987-1990: 17 pages with 82 entries
1990-1993: 9 pages with 31 entries
1993-1996: 13 pages with 46 entries
making a current total of 258 entries
B Register with all songs: 11 pages (and one page with rarities)
C Solo Henk: 48 entries, Rob: 13, Michiel: 12, Alex: 14, Robert Jan: 110?, Joke: ?, Martin; ?, Peter: ?
At the moment I have the feeling I have done my part. I do not exactly have the idea of making a booklet, thus everyone should have a chance to profit and introduce changes.

Starting with July 1996, I would like to offer 1974-1985 as lead on. As my notebook is not connected with Internet, please ask for an English or German edition at the following address:

Walter Schäppi
Kirchrain 13
CH-8816 Hirzel

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