The Nits - Guitar Tabs

Here is a collection of guitar tabs for some Nits songs. They have mostly been transcribed by Antti Virrankoski, Suonna Kononen, Brian Williams, Joost and Bert Wylin. To view or print them, please use a monospaced font. Grab a guitar and then play along with Henk!

The Nits

Fantasies and Factories


Out of Suburbia, Some Other Night, The Young Reporter, Tutti Ragazzi

New Flat

Office at Night


Footprint, Red Tape, Red Tape, Buildings, Hands of the Watch, Slip of the Tongue


Spirits Awake, Shadow of a Doubt, Nescio


Sketches of Spain, Home Before Dark, Your Next Tyres, Dapperstreet, Erom On, Typist of Candy

Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof

Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof, Mountains in Minutes


The House, The House (Urk version), The Bauhaus Chair, The Train

In the Dutch Mountains

J.O.S. Days, In the Dutch Mountains, Pelican & Penguin, One Eye Open, The Magic Of Lassie

Giant Normal Dwarf

The Night Owl, Boy In A Tree, Giant Normal Dwarf


In a Room Like a Shell & Moved By Her for a flute


Fire in my Head

dA dA dA

dA dA dA, Whales of Tadoussac, Mourir Avant 15 Ans, Dreams, Bilbao Boa, Sorrow

Nest & Quest

Fishes, De Rode Vaas, Road Not Taken


Sister Rosa Three Sisters Hold Me Geneva, The Light, Wall In China

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