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[Tons Of Ink #2]
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The fan club Nits Information Service was founded by Michiel le Blanc, Jolanda von Huizen and Michiel Jans and scheduled to publish a member magazine Tons Of Ink (see cover above) every 4 months. However after 2 issues and the Nitswish single the fanclub was discontinued.

Two of the three founding members contacted me by Email and told me why the fanclub does no longer exist. One person claims that some members of the band stopped supporting the club. The second person told me that the other two got tired of the fanclub and let it die. I was not there and will not take any side in this quarrel.

The PO Box of the fanclub is no longer available.

The Nits Information address (i.e. Paul Telmans office) is as follows:

Postbus 51133
NL-1007  EC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone/fax: +31 20 66 44 212
Email: info (at) nits (dot) nl

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