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La Grande Parade

An organized project of Hofstede with lots of other Dutch musicians. 11 songs based on 10 paintings played by 39 musicians from the Netherlands. Published 1986, catalog number WRF 10001.
Track list
1.Composition Avec Des Cordes
2.Study For Portrait Of Van Gogh II
3.La Petite Blonde Au Parc Des Attractions
4.La Petite Blonde Au Parc Des Attractions
5.Les Enfants
6.Frau Mit Mandoline In Gelb Und Rot
8.Nu Dans Le Bain
9.Doppelportrait Mit Quappi
11.Het Verhoor

Michiel Peters: Infant King

Published 1989. It is available on CD, the catalog number is Werf Records/CBS Holland-CDWRF 10003
Track list
1.this old town4.31
2.silence on the block4.04
3.the bauhaus chair1.33
4.the empty hour3.36
5.there is nothing in the dark3.07
6.x-mas comes only (once in the year)3.58
7.infant king4.07
8.baby it's you2.52
9.this is the day (to build the city)4.08
10.along the way3.26
11.I don't know3.08
12.in the night4.12
13.over and over again3.41
15.house by the water4.28
Tracks 13-15 appear only on the CD.

MAM: Ontwik

Published 1989, catalog number WRF 10002.
Track list
1.Woord Woord Woord
2.Klein Klein Klein
4.Er is zoveel verdriet
5.Jan Schoonhoven
6.The Ecology
7.I Use Everything
8.De invloeden
9.Het begrijpen groeit
10.Our Stumbling, Our Stammering
11.Er luistert toch niemand

MAM Singles


Published 1986, catalog number WRFA 1001

Er is zoveel verdriet/Er luistert toch niemand

Published 1987, catalog number WRFA 1002

Mercy Mercy Me (The Economy)/I Use Everything

Published 1987, catalog number WRFA 1003

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