The Nits on Vinyl LP

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The Nits

Published 1978, catalog number Scramble 910.033, but only about 1000 copies have been printed. To my knowledge this was also not re-released on CD. The band signed their contract with CBS after this LP. Probably unavailable by now. Track list:
  Side 1Side 2
1.rails and rainyes or no
2.tutti ragazziafter thoughts
3.mister misteramarilla
4.fantasies and factoriesdancing girl - red cat in lovesusan my love letterscaravan
all songs written by henk hofstede (except london letters/after thoughts/susan my love by michiel peters)
alex roelofs bass guitar backing vocals
rob kloet drums percussion backing vocals
michiel peters guitars lead and backing vocals mandolin
henk hofstede keyboards guitars lead and backing vocals
paul telman stage sound engineer rails and rain was recorded at dureco studios weesp
produced and engineerd by sytze gardenier
all others were recorded at rockfield studios monmouth south wales
during the last two weeks of july 1977
produced by alan david sound engineer mike (aca) pela
all songs arranged by the nits
mixed by sytze and the nits
special thanks to rob dresselhuis and jean-pierre burdorf our executive producers for making it possible to record this album
cover design henk
photo insert alex
cover photography john prins fotografie b.v.
special credits to rob flapperhorst


Published 1979, catalog number CBS 84051.

New Flat

Published 1980, catalog number CBS 84725.


Published 1981, catalog number CBS 85427.


Published 1983, catalog number CBS 25364.


Published 1983, catalog number CBS 25670. This 12" mini-lp has been released on CD together with Henk.

Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof

Published 1984, catalog number CBS 25985.

This LP was also released in Japan, Epic 28.3P.634. The cover is the same as the Dutch release but include an extra paper band around the cover. (I think it is called an "orbi"). There is additional information on this paper band about the Nits and the LP, all in Japanese.


Published 1986, catalog number CBS 26870.

In the Dutch Mountains

Published 1987, catalog number CBS 460071-1

This LP was also released in the UK. Same cover as the Dutch LP. Track titles on the back cover are in red, on Dutch release in orange.


Published 1988, catalog number CBS 463142-1.

Also released in Greece. As far as I know no differences compared to Dutch release.


Published 1989, box containing 3 LPs.


Catalog number CBS 466628-1.

This is the Greek LP release of Urk. This release consist of only 1 LP which is a compilation of the Dutch 3-LP release. Cover similar to the Dutch one, except for the title and the track listing.

Giant, Normal, Dwarf

Published 1990, catalog number CBS 467496-1.


Published 1992, catalog number CBS 472213-1. Only released in Greece.

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