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Video releases so far:


Published 1989, catalog number CMV 498432, running time approx. 60 minutes. Track list:

  1. The dream
  2. Two skaters
  3. Sketches of Spain
  4. Adieu sweet bahnhof
  5. A touch of Henry Moore
  6. An eating house
  7. Nescio
  8. The hat
  9. Port of Amsterdam
  10. Mask
  11. In the dutch mountains
  12. Cabins
  13. Tons of Ink

The Nits were filmed live in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam on November 25, 1988.

This has been rereleased on DVD in 2006 and contains the tracks listed above plus the band found 20 minutes with 5 new tracks from the same concert (Amsterdam 25-11-88) in the archives of Dutch television and they are included as bonustracks (the swimmer, blue, slip of the tongue, the house & telephone song). Also on the DVD is a photogallery of the HAT Tour with a great backing music track of Nits playing In The Dutch Mountains with guest singer Peter Te Bos. The third bonus feature is a 12 minute movie made by Henk about their trip to Moscow in 1989.

Dankzij de Dijken

Published 1995, catalog number: SMV Enterprises 200608-2, running time approx 150 minutes. Track list:

  1. Quo Vadis
  2. Vieze Ouwe Man
  3. Unknown Song Title
  4. De Zandloper
  5. Beter Zo
  6. Kijk Dat Is Kees
  7. Een Fantast
  8. Doodsangst (Henk on keyboard)
  9. Unknown Song Title (Just Robert Jan on keboard and Freek de Jonge on vocals)
  10. Freek de Jonge talking
  11. Vanders Stem
  12. Het Wijnglas (Henk on banjo)
  13. Unknown Song Title
  14. Unknown Song Title
  15. Freek de Jonge talking
  16. Unknown Song Title
  17. Sarawak (Robert Jan on bass, Martin on mandoline , Peter Meuris on electric guitar, Henk on acoustic guitar)
  18. God Wat Ben Ik Blij
  19. Unknown Song Title (Starts with the intro to Nescio)
  20. Unknown Song Title (to the music of the 60s Rock & Roll Song "the Runaway")
  21. Freek Doe Me Een Lol
  22. Dankzij De Dijken
  23. Unknown Song Title - Eerste Toegiften
  24. Denken
  25. Unknown Song Title - Tweede Toegiften
  26. Unknown Song Title
  27. Quo Vadis - Laatste Toegift

Live performance of Freek de Jonge en de Nits, samenwerkend onder de naam FRITS, recorded December 29 & 30 1994 at Nieuwe de la Mar Theater, Amsterdam. The video box gives the titles of the CD, not the video. All songs are Dutch, just like the CD.


Published 1995, catalog number SMV 11.054700.40, running time approx 62 minutes. Track list:

  1. In The Dutch Mountains
  2. Soap Bubble Box
  3. Radio Shoes
  4. Adieu Sweet Bahnhof 1989
  5. dA dA dA
  6. Broken Wing
  7. Giant Normal Dwarf
  8. The Train
  9. J.O.S. Days
  10. The Panoramaman
  11. Cars & Cars
  12. Dreams
  13. Long Forgotten Story
  14. Home Before Dark
  15. Mask
  16. Adieu Sweet Bahnhof 1985

Vest is a collection of 16 video clips made by NITS between 1984 and 1995. After the recording of the album In The Dutch Mountains we bought a 16 mm camera and started filming in and around Amsterdam. The whole NITS team was involved in this low-budget adventure; some times in front, sometimes behind the camera. To be honest, we did not do it to advertise or to sell but simply because we like making short films.

Enjoy watching In The Dutch Mountains, J.O.S. Days, Soap Bubble Box, The Train, Adieu Sweet Bahnhof, dA dA dA and many more.


Published 2002, no catalog number, running time approx ?? minutes. Track list:

  1. Crime & Punishment
  2. Walking with Maria
  3. Ivory Boy
  4. 26 A
  5. Frog
  6. The Wind, the Rain
  7. The Strawberry Girl
  8. Jazz Bon Temps
  9. 7 Green Parrots
  10. Angel of Happy Hour
  11. The 'Darling' Stone
This video (also available on DVD) is a live recording of Wool, done at the Lichtfabriek Haarlem on July 12th, 2000. It is only available as direct order from


Published 2004, catalog number PIAS 944.0067.077, running time approx 90 minutes. Track list:

  1. The Train
  2. Bike In Head
  3. Aquarium
  4. Sketches Of Spain
  5. Doppelganger
  6. Boy In A Tree
  7. Savoy
  8. Nescio
  9. A Touch Of Henry Moore
  10. Espresso Girl
  11. J.O.S. Days
  12. The Infinite Shoeblack
  13. Cars & Cars
  14. Eifersucht
  15. Welcome Back
  16. With Used Furniture We Make A Tree
  17. The House
  18. Rumspringa
  19. In The Dutch Mountains
  20. Home Before Dark
  21. Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
Recorded live on March 20 2004 in Amsterdam Paradiso. Available on the Nits webshop, this great live DVD does not only feature 21 songs but also two bonus tracks and 5.1 sound.

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