Solo projects

All of this material is most certainly unavailable by now. If it has been re-released on CD, it is noted below.

La Grande Parade

An organized project of Hofstede with lots of other Dutch musicians. 11 songs based on 10 paintings played by 39 musicians from the Netherlands. Published 1986, catalog number WRF 10001.

Henk Hofstede

Het Draagbare Huis

Published 2003, catalog number PIAS 481.0016.020 this features sounds from Henk's video installation made for the 2000 Biennale in Lyon with Dutch lyrics added. Frank Boeijen is guest musician on the single 36 Fotos.

Henrik Johansen - Vacker Utsikt

Not sure yet what this is about, the Telman brothers were promoting this album during INC 2005. This may be Henk's next solo CD.

Robert Jan Stips


Published 1981, catalog number CBS 462627-2, this has been re-released on CD, in 2000 released as a double CD together with Transistors Zig Zag album.

How the West got Lost

A single, performed together with the Nits. This is also on the U.P. CD.

Stip's Egotrip

Members are RJ, Martin Bakker and Roy Bakker, Martins brother. Their discography includes single She was naked and the albums Egotrip and Rembrandt 2000

More detail on the Egotrip and the latest Stips CDs and tours on Steve Groom´s website.

Michiel Peters

Infant King

Published 1989. It is available on CD, the catalog number is Werf Records/CBS Holland-CDWRF 10003

Alex Roelofs

ALX: Tenderness of Cranes

Published 1989 by Sound-Products netherland b.v., catalog number SOUND 7793-2. Contains 9 songs with a playing time of 57:20. The CD bears a Japanese subtitle Tsuru no sugomori. All songs are composed and performed by Alex Roelofs. In the booklet he writes that he was inspired by musicians as Roedelius, Michael Rother and Harold Budd.

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