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Published 1979, 18 tracks, total running time 46:11, CDCBS 32228

The earliest on CD available album features guitar and synth-based music, the themes of the songs range over a variety of subjects, not only the usual "Boy-meets-girl"-stories.

New Flat

Published 1980, 14 tracks, total running time 40:44, CBS 461189-2

Still lots of guitars, but the first keyboards sneak in.


Published 1981, 15 tracks, total running time 41:39, CBS 461190-2

The last album with Alex Roelofs features different styles and shows the great flexibility of the band.


Published 1983, 15 tracks, total running time 53:26, CBS 460652-2

After the arrival of R.J. Stips in the band, the music got even better. This album features classics such as A Touch of Henry Moore and Nescio.


Published 1983/1986, 18 tracks, total running time 63:31, CBS 462631-2

A double feature, two albums on one CD. Henk is said to be available as a seperate album.

Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof

Published 1984, 13 tracks, total running time 49:31, CBS 462630-2

The last CD with Michiel Peters features memorable tunes such as Mask and the title track.

The Japanese version of the vinyl LP was also release on CD, CDCBS 25985. Made in Japan, but at the time of the release also available in Holland. The booklet is slightly different than the later European CBS release.

In the Dutch Mountains

Published 1987, 15 tracks, total running time 57:04, CBS 4670071-2

The title track of this album was the biggest hit so far. On this CD are more famous tunes, including J.O.S. Days and An Eating House. The order of the songs is different to the LP/MC version.


Published 1988, 6 tracks, total running time 23:47, CBS 463142-2

A short CD with rather slow and quiet tunes.


Published 1989, 29 tracks, total running time 62:27 resp 58:55, CBS 465843-2

A double live CD, including 29 songs and over two hours of music. The Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet joins the Nits on a special version of The Mask. There is also a Deluxe edition of Urk with a 112 page book, it has the catalog number CBS 465843-9.

Urk has been rereleased in 2006 as two CD/one DVD digipack. The CDs feature the same tracks and mix as before, for the DVD see the video page.

Giant Normal Dwarf

Published 1990, 14 tracks, total running time 52:53, CBS 467496-2

Lots of excellent songs and beautiful artwork in the CD booklet mark this album.

Hjuvi: A Rhapsody in Time

Published 1990, 14 tracks, total running time 57:39, COL 472920-2

The Nits and the Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jan Strulen present this peace of music, mostly composed by R.J. Stips. It is a mixture of Nits songs and classical music, the latter Gershwin style. It was broadcast on Dutch TV. Perfomed only three times, twice in Amsterdam and once in Switzerland.


Published 1992, 15 tracks, total running time 50:19, CBS 472213-2

This CD is dominated by mellow tunes and the almost exclusive use of pianos. There exists a Limited Edition with the booklet printed on transparent paper. It should be easy to find, its catalog number is CBS 472213-9.

dA dA dA

Published 1994, 13 tracks, total running time 55:39, COL 475999-2, Mini Disc: COL 475999.10

After the rather classical two albums, this one is back on the Nits track, where fast and slow tunes alternate. On this CD is a song sung by R.J. Stips and a hidden bonus track.

It has been published in the US (Tristar WK 67209) and Japan (ECSA 6042). These two have different covers compared to the Dutch release. Released in the UK as 5-track promo CD in digi pack, COL XPCD 447.

Dankzij de Dijken

Published 1995, 14 tracks, total running time 74:56, COL 478605-2. Early in 1995, the Nits got together with Dutch stand-up comedian Freek de Jonge and formed a project called FRITS. The live show and CD consist of Freek doing his usual show, musically acompanied by the Nits. He did one Nits song, In the Dutch Mountains translated to Dankzij de Dijken (Thanks to the Dykes). They did some live performances in Amsterdam and Belgium, one was broadcast on Dutch television, another one is available on video.

The CD is entirely in Dutch, it has not been published outside of Benelux countries. There are translations for some songs on the language page.


Published 1995, 20 tracks, total running time 75:11, COL 481089-2. A compilation of their 18 best-known songs plus 2 brand-new tracks.

It is available as a digipack edition with paper cover and a magnifying glass (Catalog number -9) and as part of the Nest box. There is a special version released in France, which features Broken Wing and Adieu Sweet Bahnhof with French lyrics song by singer Kent. (Catalog number -5). An edition with the Bike in Head remix 4 track CD single was available.


Published 1995, 20 tracks, total running time 71:00, COL 481089-6. Unique (Nits)torical songs from the Nits archives.

Only sold as part of the limited Nest-Box (no longer available).


Published 1998, 13 tracks, total running time 54:24, COL 489624-9. The catalog number references the digipack edition. The usual jewel box probably ends with -2.

Greatest Nits

Published 2000, 55 tracks, total running time 77:52, 77:16 and 46:27 respectively. COL 498584-9. This is the last Nits CD from Sony, a compilation of single versions plus a CD with Urk tracks.


Published 2000, 12 tracks, total running time 47:44, CMV 5.0060.20.944. Like Alankomaat, Wool comes in a digipack with beautiful artwork. This CD features mostly slow songs with a melancholic but jazzy atmosphere.


Published 2001, 28 tracks, total running time ??:??, HHR649532. Appeared on the disky label in the Netherlands. It is unknown if this is an official release. There are no tracks on this double CD that do not appear on a Nits album.


Published 2003, 12 tracks, total running time 46:31, PIAS 944.0065.033. This album features 12 new songs and comes with a bonus DVD with 6 songs from 1982 to 2000. It was released in Scandinavia by Rockadillo and in Germany, Switzerland and Austria by Sony Music.

Les Nuits

Published 2005, 11 tracks, total running time 44:48. SONY/BMG/2876754722. Somber music with controlled atmosphere.

Doing the Dishes

Published 2008, 15 tracks, total running time 44:16. SONY/BMG/?.

This album features more uptempo songs and a poppy style of music.

Strawberry Wood

Published 2009, 12 tracks, total running time ??:??. SONY/BMG/?.

To be published 2009.

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